You can tell a lot by looking at a person's natural fingernails .....
A recent report incorrectly concluded that UV nail lamps are a source of "high-dose UV-A" and also inaccurately compared UV tanning beds with UV nail lamps.Worked with two of the leading scientists in the professional nail industry, we verify the facts, by using an independent laboratory to test the leading UV nail lamps to determine how much UV-A and UV-B they emit and then compared that to natural sunlight. Our attached report shows that UV nail lamps emit relatively low levels of UV light and these exposure levels are considered well within safe levels when they are used to perform UV artif..
Kinga has just placed 3rd and 9th in the recent Scratch Magazine Bridal Nails competition!Read more about Kinga's published work..
Remembering Tom Holcomb
I was sitting at my kitchen table writing a blog about models on Friday when I heard the news about Tom Holcomb, and all of a sudden that blog seemed completely irrelevant. You see, Tom wasn’t just a friend; he was a legend, an icon and a very important part of my nail career. He was the nail world’s Michael Jackson.I first learned of the legendary Tom Holcomb while reading a magazine. He was in a Tammy Taylor ad with his two little girls, and I thought, “Wow! A guy that does nails!” (In the ’80s that was unheard of, at least in my small town.) I was so impressed with his work that I studied p..
7 Secrets to Curing UV Gel Nails
Doug Schoon is an internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator with over 30 years experience in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry...
At the Top of the Heap: Tom Holcomb Makes a Competition Comeback
"This is my time to go for it. I'm coming back."You wouldn't think that, at 23 years old, Tom Holcomb would be already talking about "coming back." Many people his age just getting started in the nail business would be elated to have received just one of the awards or a fraction of the recognition Holcomb has already racked up for his sculptured nail artistry.Holcomb's desire to excel, to build the perfect set of nails, and then on up that and build a better set, is obvious from the minute you begin to talk to him about his trade.Breezy and confident, Holcomb looks remarkably like a ..
10. If she demands things from you (rather than asking politely)9. If she shows up 15 minutes late for every appointment8. If she spends more time outside on her phone than at your station.7. If she repeatedly cancels without notice.6. If she talks about how great her former nail tech is.5. If her checks frequently bounce or she leaves her wallet at home.4. If she regularly comes in for repairs beyond the normal wear and tear-and wants them free.3. If she insults your art work- ever!2. If she's intoxicated to the p..
Under the Microscope: Paronychia
What is it?: There are two types of paronychia: acute and chronic. Both are caused when the seal between the nail fold and the nail plate is broken and infection gets in. Which bacteria enter the broken seal is one of the factors that determines if the condition is acute or chronic. Techs can tell the difference between chronic and acute paronychia because acute paronychia will be accompanied by pain and swelling within a couple of days of an injury and pus may be present at the site of the infection.How do you get it?: Many outside factors can cause acute paronychia, including improper manicu..
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